A Japan first! Cloud based clinical trail support system that ensures high-quality data management.

Easy to prepare forms

Once protocol and form details have been approved, we can easily setup form fields and logic using the DokodemoForm®EDC system. Therefore it is possible to drastically reduce the time required for system development and validation.

Sample of available functions

Dynamic form creation

Drag-and-drop makes it easy to setup various input fields.


Flexible email notification settings

You can easily setup on forms, e-mails notifications for subject registration, case reports (eCRF), queries (eDCF), etc.


Easy to set logic checks

You can easily set an upper and lower age limit.

Also, since it is possible to logically control the display of a field from the data entered into a previous field, it encourages the entry of only necessary data.

Intuitive to use

From your screen you can intuitively usderstand the process flow, access forms, and oversee the progress of the clinical trail, with little need for the manual. We are always focusing on ways to enhance your ability to oversee all clinical trail information and to easily capture form data.

Protocol Settings~eCRF・Payment progress: Centrally managed

For protocol, facility and contract progress. It is easy to efficiently manage and oversee progress of patient registration, visits, eCRF, and also payment status.

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