[写真]CEO Steve van Maanen
[写真]代表取締役 バンマーネン・スティーブ

Starsphere K.K.
Data collection, analysis and utilization in life science.
Innovating to deliver value.

Our mission is to continually leverage modern technologies to improve the way data is captured, analyzed and used in Healthcare in order to more quickly provide safer and more efficacious treatments to patients who need them. We envision a world where technologies like AI and Big Data will enable discoveries of treatments on a more personalized level. To realize this vision, we continually strive to apply evolving technologies to the challenges of treatment discovery from academic research all the way to clinical and post market research.

CEO Steve van Maanen


Company Starsphere K.K.
Established Year 2012
CEO Steve van Maanen
Address 〒213-0012 KSP 4043-2-1 ,Sakado Takatsu-ku, Kawasaki, Japan
Tel 03-4578-1386
E-mail support @
Paid in Capital 140 million円(Capital reserve)


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