Starsphere KK is a Tokyo based IT company. We provide a wide range of IT support and IT services to small and medium-sized businesses. In addition to project management and consulting, Starsphere is also involved in application development. We provide IT support for small and medium sized enterprises. Our flagship product is our Local Private Cloud.

Global Business

Backed by our seasoned CIO, our team has extensive APEC experience, living in Japan for more than 10 years. Or team of Infrastructure technicians, Software engineers, and Quality Assurance personnel have impeccable engineering knowledge and experience. The team has been successful in delivering new Infrastructure and IT projects, system configuration and administration often requiring close collaboration with client IT representative both local and overseas. If you are interested in learning more about how we can serve your needs, please contact us.

Microsoft BizSpark

As a Microsoft Bizspark member Starsphere KK has direct access to Microsoft expertise and support.

Microsoft Partner

Starsphere KK has over ten years’ experience as a Microsoft Certified Partner which has qualified us to be recognized as a Microsoft partner.
Currently we participate in a partner program with Microsoft with the goal of providing state-of-the art technologies to our customers, by working with Microsoft to test new technologies within our company.


Providing our proprietory products featuring dynamic form generation, data collection, cloud service of data analysing.

Utilizing Opensource

In addition to our proprietary solutions we also have over 30 years of open source software experience, leveraging those robust technologies to provide CRM, PBX, network, security and virtualization solutions.

System Development

Enhancements to existing systems
Development of customized solutions to meet client needs
Adherence to recognized software standards
Comprehensive quality assurance processes are used to deliver reliable and durable solutions.

IT Total Support

We are actively engaged in all phases of IT solutions delivery and IT support for small and medium enterprises.
Other support services include our highly regarded service as a representative CIO, taking on the role as an internal Support Engineer for enterprises requiring local IT support but not at a stage to hire internal IT personnel.

Life Science Solution


DOKODEMOFORM®EDC is built on modern technology and leverages Microsoft Cloud Services to deliver EDC and CTMS solutions quickly, securely and cost effectively.



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Multi Devices

Able to administer using tablets. Able to choose devices that are matching TPO

Able to rent in Small-scale.

Easy to start use in small scale with initial cost 0 yen


Able to be accessed EVERYWHERE. Optimal Azure environment to handle life science data.

Why Choose Us


Affordable compared to EDCs to date. Optimal choice for miscellaneous tests after the delivery, in particular clinical data collection in big scale, for instance, medical investigation focused on experiment results. More satisfaction is gained because it responds to the rapidly increasing clinical research led by doctors, especially in case of a tight budget

UI Designed from User's perspective

Personnels responsible for their dedicated roles can get a grasp of progreses visually at once The date of patients' next visit can be confirmed at once.

Responding to GxP and Part11

Secure to use. Responding to GxP and Part11 based on privacy protection. Audit fully available

Able to be used both from Windows and Mac

Support Browzers include Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
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Use-friendly UI Design

Only requisite fields are displayed, Together with input check and automatically calculating multiple value fields, highly functional input form can be build for clinical research during the system configuration.
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Dynamic Form

Able to create symprom report form without knowledge of programming.
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Our Team

Steve van Maanen


Development Leader

COO, VP of Engineering

Steve Engen

Advisory (Former CEO of pharmaceutical manufacturor)

Advisory Board

Advisory Board