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This is a collection of frequently asked questions.

​ Please refer to it.

Q: Is there a recommended browser?

A: The recommended browser is Google Chrome.

Q: Is the language only available in Japanese?

A: Currently, Japanese and English can be displayed.

Q: Can I use an iPad?

A: Yes. Dokodemo Form® EDC supports multi-image quality.

However, we do not guarantee the operation.

Q:Is it possible to customize the role settings?

A: It can be customized by setting the permissions of Admin.

Q: Does the system stop during backup?

A: The system is still running during the backup.

Q: Is it ER / ES compliant?

A: It is compliant.

Q: What is the data output format?

A: CSV and Excel formats.

Q: How is the affinity with other systems?

A: There is a CSV output function.

Q: Is it possible to automatically assign the subject number?

A: Yes. Allocation by automatic numbering is possible.

Q: Is it possible to check items logically?

A: It can be set for each item.

Q: Is it possible to enter comments such as how to describe the input items?

A: It will be possible.
You can display a comment next to the item name.

Q: I haven't received a password notification email.

A: You may receive junk mail, so please check.

If you have never logged in to EDC, you can re-email with admin privileges.

Please contact the administrator.

Q:I get a message saying "The other doctor is editing".


(1) There is a possibility that the same VISIT of the same user is being edited at the same time with another ID. Please wait for a while before starting work.


(2) If you do not log out from the logout button at the end of the previous work and close the browser with ×, the session may not be cut off and the editing status may be maintained.

In that case, please log out from the logout button once, close the browser once, and then log in again to solve the problem.


Even if you do not do this, the session will be deleted automatically in about 2 hours.


③ If there is no change after trying the above, please contact us.

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